Vote Climate

Everything is at stake this election. In order to build a better world, we have to put it all on the line between now and November 3rd. There are so many different ways to get involved, and so many resources at our disposal. That’s why we’ve built a one-stop shop voter dashboard with all the top links, toolkits, and signup forms you’ll need. Take a look:

#1 – Join a special Greenpeace volunteer team and help convince millions of voters in critical swing states to get involved in this election and cast their ballots for climate leaders. We’re sending texts, making calls, and doing Spanish engagement with Latinx voters.

Volunteer with Greenpeace »

#2 – Make a plan to vote with our new GOTV toolkit and encourage other committed climate voters to do the same. The tool will help you check your registration, order mail-in ballots, keep track of important voting deadlines, and make a plan to vote early (or vote safely on Election Day).

Make a plan to vote »

#3 – Learn how to talk to your friends and family about climate change. Jane Fonda partnered with Greenpeace USA and Fire Drill Fridays to write these guides to help you respond to climate deniers. check them out here.

Read our guides »

#4 – If you’ve already started volunteering and already have a plan to vote, the next best thing you can do is volunteer as a poll worker on Election Day. Our friends at Crooked Media and Vote Save America are working to recruit and train people to become poll workers at their local polling stations.

Become a poll worker »

#5 – Want to learn more about each of these tactics and why they work? Read a more detailed explanation of our full electoral voter engagement plan here. This is where we break down the work we’re doing, and why it’s so effective at turning out voters for the issues and climate leaders we care about.

Read our plan »

#6 – Read this important Vote By Mail FAQ, courtesy of our friends at Crooked Media. And be sure to share it with friends and family when you’re done!

Vote By Mail FAQs »