Vote Climate

Our Electoral Plan

The climate crisis is one of the top issues for Democratic voters, and we know that these voters want elected officials who will take bold, urgent action on climate.  Greenpeace and Fire Drill Fridays’ national volunteer program works with like-minded partners, climate champions and Fire Drill Friday’s surrogates to build a movement of millions of climate voters who will show up to vote, pressure candidates to adopt and enact bold positions on climate that include a commitment to phasing out fossil fuels, and demand accountability once candidates take office. By moving the entire candidate field and by showing electoral power, we will ensure that the next administration and every candidate in office is held accountable for implementing policies that protect the most vulnerable, limit the worst impacts of climate change, and lay the groundwork for a world without fossil fuels.

1) This month is a crucial time for the planet and the people who live on it. 

After four years of disastrous climate policies from the Trump Administration, we must take the first steps toward ending the climate crisis. We only have ten years to stop the worst effects of this crisis, and every month we have Donald Trump and climate deniers in office is time we can’t afford to lose. 

We are at a crossroads. The last few months have shown us that people around the world are ready for a reckoning with the fossil fuel industry, and we’re here to keep the pressure on and provide a clear and discernable roadmap to action and change .   We are demanding our politicians to choose a side: are you with us, the people, or with them, the fossil fuel billionaires wrecking the planet?

We have to empower and mobilize an unstoppable wave of voters to elect climate champions who will have the confidence and fortitude once in power to pass a Green New Deal and phase out fossil fuels. In order to do this, we must start conversations on three central tentpoles:

  • What is a climate candidate and why are they important
  • What actions must our leadership take to ensure we stop the climate crisis and how can we hold them accountable
  • What tools do each of us have individually to train and teach our communities to join this fight. 

2) In the 2016 election, 10 million people who said they cared about the climate didn’t vote. If we can ensure everyone who cares about the climate shows up at the polls in November, we could change the outcome of our future.

Greenpeace and Fire Drill Fridays want to facilitate the voting process and ensure climate voters show up strong this upcoming election. That’s why we built a national volunteer program that will help us win in 2020, and build power that we will use to put climate champions in place to pass a Green New Deal. 

Our electoral program volunteers are ready to prepare climate voters with the tools needed to get out the vote,  from voter registration all the way to the voting booth (or mail-box), and hold elected officials to account after the election.  Join us in securing a mass climate voter turnout this election and volunteer with us.

Our electoral volunteer teams include: 

  • Call Team – Facilitate critical conversations with voters about climate justice and the 2020 election over the phone. 
  • Text Team – Reach out to Greenpeace supporters through text messages. 
  • Greenpeace Unidxs – Use both phone banking and text banking to do outreach to elevate stories from the Latinx community, all in Spanish.
  • Advanced Call Team – Call members from all different parts of the Greenpeace volunteer team, serving as an agile, flexible team ready to support the movement in whatever ways it needs.

3) Our climate future hangs in the balance of the 2020 Presidential election.

  • The next President can’t retreat into the inaction and willful destruction of the Trump years. The next president must take up the Green New Deal and move us further towards a clean energy future. 
  • The science is clear–we need to stop burning fossil fuels and invest aggressively in a transition to clean, safe, renewable energy. Our moral grounding is rock solid–the climate catastrophe has already begun to spiral out of control. It’s time to take action. 
  • For too long, fossil fuel billionaires have polluted our communities and corrupted our democracy. They’ve exploited workers and put the most vulnerable communities across the globe in harm’s way. That’s why we need a Green New Deal.
  • This work wont stop after the election. We’re just getting started. Building independent power through our national volunteer model is how we’ll win any and all future campaigns.